About the retreat

In this retreat we will practice mindfulness and explore its application to the discovery of insight. For the Buddha, “insight” means seeing into the three universal characteristics of impermanence or change (anicca), pain or dis-ease (dukkha) and not-self (anattā). These characteristics reveal a world entirely different from the one we have taken for granted as “real” or “normal.” In this new world we discover what the Buddha calls Dharma, the way life actually flows, and learn to live flourishing lives that benefit both us and those around us.

About Patrick

Patrick has been practising Buddhist meditation since the 1970s and teaching full-time since 2000. He teaches satipaṭṭhāna vipassanā (insight through the establishment of mindfulness) in the lineage of Mahasi Sayadaw of Burma. His principal teachers have been Panditarama Sayadaw and John Hale. He has also practised Zen, in the Diamond Sangha lineage. His principal teachers have been Robert Aitken Roshi and Paul Maloney Roshi.

Patrick’s approach to meditation is enlivened by his focus on the original teachings of the Buddha – Buddhism before the divisions between Theravada and Mahayana were ever thought of. He applies these teachings directly to life in our contemporary world in an accessible, clear and joyful way.

Cancellation policy

Cancellations are accepted up until two weeks prior to the retreat, and a refund of 90% will be given without question. The additional 10% is kept to cover fees. Cancellations will also be accepted after this date if you have unexpected circumstances, but you will need to contact the retreat manager by email at retreats@mindthegap.events

Fees and dāna

Please note that the fees here are just to cover expenses and build a fund for future retreats. The money does not pay for Patrick's teaching. In the Buddhist tradition, the dharma is felt to be of such great value that it cannot be bought or sold: it can be transmitted and received only as gift. This is dāna, which means “giving” or “gift.” In this spirit, Patrick offers his teaching on this retreat as a gift. His students return his gift in the form of financial support, and Patrick lives on these gifts. Details for giving dāna to Patrick will be provided at the conclusion of the retreat, or can be found on his website https://patrickkearney.net/dana/


You can see schedules for several time zones on the schedules page. If you are in a timezone other than those, please email Alex with the desired timezone and he'll generate a new schedule.

Zoom Online Video Platform

The retreat is hosted online using Zoom video meeting software. More details, including the links for the Zoom rooms, will be provided to registered participants close to the retreat.

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When does the event happen?
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Public Dharma Talks

This is for the nightly Dharma talks (included in the other options). The zoom link will be sent out to anyone who registers. Questions cannot be asked by those only attending the dharma talks.